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Congratulations Leader! 

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Adding value is one of the best ways to build a strong team!  Just wait until you see the difference a week makes! 

Meet the Dynamic Duo

Both Mayce and Missy have been guest writers and speakers for blogs and podcasts on topics such as communication, leadership, mindset, personal and professional development. Their top-level teaching style and personally engaging and energizing stage presence make them powerful speakers that inspire others everywhere they go, leading many to call them “the dynamic duo”. Their contagiously high energy presentations are a get-up-and-go experience that your organization will not want to miss. Mayce and Missy exceed expectations, connect with their audience, and fulfill the commitment for their clients to feel encouraged and inspired. 

Empowering Teams and Inspiring Audiences

Mayce and Missy have trained domestic and international clients from both the corporate and nonprofit worlds to achieve their goals. They can tailor content for your team and/or use some of the John Maxwell curriculum they are licensed to teach. Just reach out and let Mayce and Missy hear your goals.  They pride themselves on being the easiest trainers you'll ever work with!

Mayce DelValle 

Missy Washam

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