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Mpactful Messages: A Blog for Leaders from Mayce and Missy

Leaders. Corporate Trainers. Keynote Speakers. Personal Development Junkies. Besties.

Hello Leader! It’s Mayce DelValle and Missy Washam. Many people call us the Dynamic Duo of Leadership. 

For the past several years, we have been on a mission to turn organizations into high-performing, highly productive places where people feel empowered to do their best. We have trained domestic and international clients from both the corporate and nonprofit worlds, tailoring content to help them achieve specific goals. We have been mentored by John Maxwell, known to many as the #1 Leadership Expert in the World, and we are licensed to teach his curriculum. 

We are passionate about helping leaders connect with their teams, take responsibility, make changes, and contribute to the world. We are known for our contagiously high energy and engaging stage presence. We’ve been guest writers and speakers for blogs and podcasts and inspiring audiences everywhere we go. Our presentations are a get-up-and-go experience that participants actually enjoy. We believe that we can teach anyone how to lead with confidence and how to empower their teams with practical, action-oriented directives.

You may be reading this and wondering…       

“Why a blog?” Every person has the ability to be a great leader. And If we can make a difference in the life of one leader there will be a ripple effect of positivity to follow.

“Why now?” One thing we have learned from John Maxwell is that leaders take action when others hesitate.  When we decided we wanted to do this to impact individual leaders, we took action!

So, here we go with the goal of adding value to you as we share “Mpactful Messages: A Blog for Leaders by Mayce and Missy”. We hope you’ll join us for each post and that you’ll find meaningful insights to help you lead others well. Because…as Mark Cole, another mentor we admire, says, “Everyone deserves to be led well.” 


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